What a great way to start the day. Beautiful, flowing class, with gentle adjustments, perfect connection between words and form, with poetry at the end, just my kind of Yoga, thank you Emily


“Emily’s approach stood out for me as embodying a wholehearted acceptance of the now.  I felt whatever I managed to do was fine in itself, and not only as a stepping stone to achieving something better. Given I am pretty stiff, this was an encouraging message to receive. She gave clear instructions and context, addressing us in a way that inspired confidence in her competence whilst creating a sense of community. Emily checked in with the class verbally and came round to adjust, suggest or guide us in poses where needed. I feel I received a very good overview of the interlinked mind-body-spiritual dimensions of yoga philosophy/practise from Emily’s presence and teaching. Thank you!”


As a beginner to yoga I’ve found Emily’s classes just right for my level. She’s a good teacher and rather than try and teach all the positions at once gradually introduces new ones each time. This makes it easier to learn and is not overwhelming. I’m keen to carry on as I can feel the benefits to my core strength after only a short time and its a more gentle way of exercising than going to a gym.


Emily is a kind and compassionate teacher. I’ve so enjoyed 1-1 tuition with her, which has been the perfect introduction to yoga for me.